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Picking a Recirculating Range Hood for my Kitchen

It was over two months ago that my wife and I bought a new home after years of saving up. We were living in an apartment that had high rents and we couldn’t save up a lot each month. But we finally did it! We have our own home. One of the first things that we did was remodel the kitchen and bedroom and among the many problems we faced was picking the right appliances.

My wife took care of the bedroom and I was tasked with taking care of the kitchen, as I’m the one who usually cooks and spends time in the kitchen. Anyway, I visited my local store and picked out some furniture and cabinets. I decided that I wanted my cooking range to be along the wall like in our old apartment.

Also, in our old place we had a really beautiful range hood, which was probably super expensive and I couldn’t live without an exhaust system. A friend suggested that I look into recirculating range hoods, but being in a small city the store guys don’t really know much about the appliances. Youtube didn’t help either. Amazon did help immensely as there were tons of good reviews out there. But I still needed a way to determine what would suit my needs. That’s when I read an article on this website on the best recirculating range hoods in America. There was a lot of good information and some comparisons. This helped me narrow my options down to 4. And 3 of my 4 options were reviewed on this site too. Anyway long story short, I was super

Anyway long story short, I was super confused and a friend suggested that I get an electric range with a downdraft as that’s what he has and it works well. But as I’ve already built my counter I needed to find a slide in electric range with downdraft… This was a dead end as I learnt that we have just 2 options on the market and they were both no good.

I ended up buying the range hood suggested on Kitease,┬áthe Akdy AZ6375S and it’s been a month since it’s installed and I’m very happy with my purchase. My advice to you guys is that you should pick your big appliances before you build anything else. Had I not already built the counter, I may have picked a downdraft range.